Issue 89

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Issue 89: March/April 2012


The Glum Reaper?

by Rick Lewis


News: March/April 2012

Cetaceans “Should Have Rights” • Philosophers Think About Charity • Movies for Teaching Philosophy • Stubborn Brains • New journal LEAPs into existence • John Hick — News reports by Sue Roberts


The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

Nick Bostrom tells us a philosophical parable about death.

Death and the Human Animal

Mary Midgley questions the superficial allure of endless life.

Are There Duties To The Dead?

Walter Ott doesn’t think so.

In Defence of Deciding to Die

Alex Carley looks briefly at the role of reason in the euthanasia debate.


Peter Singer Says You Are a Bad Person

Howard Darmstadter shows us why the Australian abnegator is wrong.

The Philosophy Now Festival

We report on the magazine’s 20th anniversary celebration at London’s Conway Hall, where Martin Midgley gave this speech accepting Philosophy Now’s first Award for Contributions in the Fight Against Stupidity on behalf of his mother, Dr Mary Midgley.

Encouraging Communication Through Imagination

Shudong Chen communicates about the importance of communication.

Language-Using Apes

J’aime Wells is an ape talking about the possibility of apes talking.

The Multiverse Conundrum

Tim Wilkinson on the physics & philosophy of parallel universes.

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

Alistair MacFarlane reveals paradoxes in the long life of the third Earl Russell.


Michael Dummett (1925-2011)

Menno Lievers tells us about the ideas and life of an influential British philosopher.



Sustaining The Argument • Putting The ‘Me’ In Meaning • Pieces of Minds/Brains • Free Won’t? • Civil Wars Of Words


The Sleeper Wakes

by Joel Marks

You Chemical Scum, You

Raymond Tallis engages with the dregs of philosophy.


A Philosophy of Boredom by Lars Svendsen

Mark Frankel finds Lars Svendsen’s book interesting psychology but boring philosophy.

Doctor Who and Philosophy

Massimo Pigliucci searches time and space to reveal the philosophy of Dr Who.

The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch

Alistair MacFarlane finds himself in the foothills of infinity.

Film Socialisme

Sean Gittins has a different view of film, courtesy of Jean-Luc Godard.


Jean-Paul & Simone In The Digital Age

Vivian Todini imagines a modern existential dialogue.

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