Issue 9

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Issue 9: Summer 1994


What Are People?

by Rick Lewis


News: Summer 1994


Cars on the Carpet

Geoffrey Scarre responds to Tim Chappell with a qualified defence of motoring.

Foundations of Analytical Philosophy, Part 2: Logical Atomism and Logical Positivism

Daniel Hutto continues to explore the Analytic jungle.

Rigorous Reasoning

Peter Cave spots a few fallacies.

Romans Go Home!

Not many people in our affluent, comfortable nation are prepared to risk their comfort or their liberty for the sake of ideas. If philosophers are to be involved in society and it’s problems, they should find out about the views of such individuals. In this spirit, two intrepid souls from Philosophy Now went down to the site of the planned M11 motorway extension in Leytonstone, east London, to ask some antiroad protestors about their values and their views on society.

Self and Symbolization

Dan Fleming suggests that culture has turned outside in.

The Mary Poppins Effect

Nigel Sanitt on waiters, actors and bad faith.

Transgenics and Morality

Ian Betteridge on the implications of transgenic experiments for moral theory.

Two Imperatives in Education: change of culture v. transmission of the status quo

by Chris Ormell


Letters to the Editor

Meaning and Proof • Immortal Lines • Religious Belief and Santa Claus • Immortal Oaks? • Chappell Not Dotty • Scepticism about Scepticism • Containerisation • Guilt and Nostalgia


Eliminating the Experts

Jane Singleton reviews The Elimination of Morality: Reflections on Utilitarianism and Bioethics by Anne Maclean.

The Mystery of Time

Keith Seddon reviews The Philosophy of Time, edited by Robin Le Poidevin and Murray MacBeath.

Will I Know Me In Heaven?

Les Reid reviews Immortality, an anthology edited and introduced by Paul Edwards.


The Existentialist Greyhound, or Jean-Paul Sartre goes to the White City (and loses all his money)

by Tim Lebon (with apologies to P.G. Wodehouse)

A Young Veteran

by Raoul Jose Luis-y-Pelly

Son of Socrates

by Vesuvia

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