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That Which I Am

by Ivan Searle

That which I am I know
That which I seem you know
Therefore he who knows me
Walks not with me but is me.

That which you see is what I seem
That what you can’t see, that I am
That which I say is what I seem
That which I don’t say, that I am.

Do you search for the mystery of life?
It can be seen, but not with the eye
It can be heard, but not with the ear
The ego plays games to lead you afar
Lose it and all will come clear.

Seek reality not with the eye
That which is real cannot be seen
Forms of the mind lead you astray
Intuition is the key you must use.

Of Truth what can be said?
For he who knows does not speak
If you understand this then you will know
A blank piece of paper is all that can be shown.
You might not see, but of this I am sure:
It's only when you know it, all becomes clear.

© Ivan Searle 2013

Ivan Searle lives in Whangarei, New Zealand. He’s married to Anna, has two sons and three grandchildren, is an electronic technician, and has always been interested in philosophy.

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