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Does Hollywood sometimes get everything back-to-front? A new film called Memento certainly does. Our movie maestro Thomas Wartenberg takes a look.
[Issue 33 :: September/October 2001 :: Films :: 3 matches]

Films and Plays

What happens when a playwright and a theater director make a movie? Our film critic Thomas Wartenberg recently found out, and it led him to ponder the less obvious differences between films and plays.
[Issue 34 :: December 2001 / January 2002 :: Films :: 3 matches]

Nurse Betty

What happens when the barrier between our ‘real’ world and the fantasy world of film starts to crumble? Our man in the front row with the popcorn Thomas Wartenberg watches Nurse Betty succumb to madness.
[Issue 31 :: March/April 2001 :: Films :: 3 matches]

Time Code

In another intrepid exploration of the possibilities of the silver screen, our very own movie maestro Thomas Wartenberg takes notes on an experimental new film called Time Code.
[Issue 30 :: December 2000 / January 2001 :: Films :: 3 matches]

Films and existential angst

Ladies and gentlemen… 21st Century Philosophy Now is proud to present the first showing in a new series of philosophical film articles by Thomas Wartenberg. In this installment he looks at American Beauty, Fight Club and Being John Malkovich.
[Issue 27 :: June/July 2000 :: Films :: 3 matches]

Film Comedy

What became of the raucous laughter and inspired slapstick anarchism of the early silent comedies? Our regular film commentator Thomas Wartenberg traces the trajectory of film comedy from laughter to romance.
[Issue 29 :: October/November 2000 :: Films :: 3 matches]


Thomas Wartenberg watches a radical movie about some unlikely couples grappling with homophobia, feminist ideology and each other in a 1970s Swedish commune… and enjoys it!
[Issue 36 :: June/July 2002 :: Films :: 3 matches]

The Road to Perdition

Our philosophical film columnist Thomas Wartenberg ponders the complexity of human motives as he takes in the latest gangster movie, The Road to Perdition.
[Issue 38 :: October/November 2002 :: Films :: 3 matches]

The Other Son

Thomas Wartenberg observes the family as politics.
[Issue 106 :: February/March 2015 :: Films :: 3 matches]

Force Majeure

Thomas Wartenberg asks if you really know yourself.
[Issue 108 :: June/July 2015 :: Films :: 3 matches]

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