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Aristotle’s Philosophy of Equality, Peace, & Democracy

Matt Qvortrup argues that Aristotle’s political philosophy is surprisingly modern.
[Issue 116 :: October/November 2016 :: Visions of Society]

The Best Doctor is Also a Philosopher

Peter Adamson on medicine in the ancient world.
[Issue 114 :: June/July 2016 :: Philosophy Then]

Classical Philosophy by Peter Adamson

Ken Shouler whizzes through Classical Philosophy.
[Issue 111 :: December 2015 / January 2016 :: Books]

Greek Economics: The Ancient Edition

In his new column Peter Adamson wonders what the ancient Greeks had to say about economics.
[Issue 110 :: October/November 2015 :: Echoes]

Beyond the Laws of Nature

Russell Berg gives us a brief philosophical tour of the history of scientific theorising.
[Issue 88 :: January/February 2012 :: Articles]

Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do? by Michael Sandel

Phil Badger is out for Justice.
[Issue 83 :: March/April 2011 :: Books]

Why Doesn’t Aristotle Accept My Facebook Friendship Request?

Would Aristotle’s Facebook contacts really be his friends? asks Alan Rolle.
[Issue 82 :: January/February 2011 :: Articles]

Plato And Aristotle In The Underworld

Carl Murray finds Plato and Aristotle having a hell of an argument.
[Issue 77 :: February/March 2010 :: Articles]

“I knew him by his voice”: Can Animals Be Our Friends?

Stephen Clark examines how far Aristotle’s concept of friendship might apply to animals, among themselves and between us and them.
[Issue 67 :: May/June 2008 :: Animals]

Time and the Medieval World

Arnold A. Smith II thinks there’s always time to consider eternity.
[Issue 62 :: July/August 2007 :: Personal Identity & Time]

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