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Tag: "Confucius"

Prince Shōtoku (574-622)

B.V.E. Hyde looks at the statesman who fathered Japanese philosophy.
[Issue 158: October/November 2023: Brief Lives]

Moral Education in Confucianism

Plakshi Jain compares ‘reflection’ and ‘learning’ as means of becoming good.
[Issue 153: December 2022 / January 2023: Articles]

Confucius (c.551-479 BCE)

by Terence Green
[Issue 132: June/July 2019: Philosophical Haiku]


by Kenneth White
[Issue 132: June/July 2019: Cartoon]

Can Confucians Have Friends?

Peter Adamson says the bonds of friendship are virtuous.
[Issue 126: June/July 2018: Philosophy Then]


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