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Tag: "medieval philosophy"

Peter Abelard (1079-1142)

Martin Jenkins looks at the life, love and logic of a medieval free thinker.
[Issue 134: October/November 2019: Brief Lives]

Ockham’s Rose

Carol Nicholson looks at philosophical themes in The Name Of The Rose. (WARNING: CONTAINS PLOT SPOILERS.)
[Issue 129: December 2018 / January 2019: Arts & Letters]

Paolo Sarpi (1552-1623)

Gerald Curzon reviews the life and opinions of the original New Atheist.
[Issue 101: March/April 2014: Brief Lives]

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600)

Dale DeBakcsy delves into the secret origins of modern philosophy.
[Issue 98: September/October 2013: Brief Lives]

Augustine’s Choice: The Lord of Light or the Light of the Lord?

Charles Natoli considers whether St Augustine had any better reason to convert to Christianity than remain a Manichean.
[Issue 71: January/February 2009: Articles]

Time and the Medieval World

Arnold A. Smith II thinks there’s always time to consider eternity.
[Issue 62: July/August 2007: Personal Identity & Time]

William of Ockham: Defending the Church, Condemning the Pope

Ian Smith on why Ockham thought the Pope wasn’t a Catholic.
[Issue 56: July/August 2006: Heresy]

The Ontological Argument and the Sin of Hubris

Toni Vogel Carey’s answer to the most argued-over argument for the existence of God.
[Issue 53: November/December 2005: Articles]

History of Jewish Philosophy

Ralph Blumenau considers the long and distinguished history of Jewish Philosophy.
[Issue 51: June/July 2005: Books]

A Bale of Woe

The name of the medieval logician Jean Buridan (c.1295-1358) is forever linked to a curious problem in decision-making. Peter Cave recounts his own sad but instructive meeting with Buridan’s Ass.
[Issue 50: March/April 2005: Short Story]

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