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Tag: "philosophy & living"

Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán

Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán has been called ‘the crime-fighting philosopher’ for using philosophy to make sense of organized crime. He has worked for a range of organisations including the Colombian government, Global Integrity, and Transparency International. Nick Chester asks him about using philosophy to combat corruption.
[Issue 114 :: June/July 2016 :: Interview]

Nietzsche and the Problem of Suffering

Van Harvey on the metaphysical aspects of an anti-metaphysical philosophy.
[Issue 114 :: June/July 2016 :: Articles]

Pierre Hadot (1922-2010)

Thomas Dylan Daniel on what one Frenchman says to anglophone philosophy.
[Issue 113 :: April/May 2016 :: Brief Lives]

Philosophy & Cocktails

Robin Small will have a Martini – stirred, not shaken.
[Issue 113 :: April/May 2016 :: Articles]

Socrates & Zen

Geoff Sheehan uses Buddhist parables to illustrate Socratic philosophy.
[Issue 113 :: April/May 2016 :: Articles]

Epicurus & Job

Benjamin Kerstein explores an ancient faultline in Western thinking and modern culture by comparing the philosophies of Epicurus and Job.
[Issue 104 :: September/October 2014 :: The Other Greek Philosophers]

Chris Gill’s Cartoon

by Chris Gill
[Issue 103 :: July/August 2014 :: Cartoon]

On Waiting

Raymond Tallis thinks about queuing and milling about.
[Issue 96 :: May/June 2013 :: Tallis in Wonderland]

Policy & Reality

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 95 :: March/April 2013 :: Editorial]

Philosophy in the Workplace

Mark Addis takes philosophy to work on a building site.
[Issue 95 :: March/April 2013 :: Philosophy and Public Life]

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