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Tag: "philosophy of history"

Looking to the Past

Peter Adamson on when philosophers write history.
[Issue 149: April/May 2022: Philosophy Then]

Does History Progress? If So, To What?

Each answer below receives a book. Apologies to the entrants not included.
[Issue 141: December 2020 / January 2021: Question of the Month]

Hegel’s Understanding of History

Jack Fox-Williams outlines the basics of how history works for Hegel.
[Issue 140: October/November 2020: Hegel & History]

Kant, Conflict & Universal History

Terrence Thomson asks what Kant’s concept of history can teach us.
[Issue 140: October/November 2020: Hegel & History]

Hegel On The Future, Hegel In The Future

Slavoj Žižek says Hegel doesn’t need to be a prophet to point us to a better tomorrow.
[Issue 140: October/November 2020: Hegel & History]

Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder
[Issue 140: October/November 2020: Cartoon]

To Forget or To Remember?

Paul Doolan on what Nietzsche thought we can, and can’t, get out of history.
[Issue 137: April/May 2020: Nietzsche Past & Future]

Question Marx

by Grant Bartley
[Issue 131: April/May 2019: Editorial]

R.G. Collingwood (1889-1943)

by Terence Green
[Issue 131: April/May 2019: Philosophical Haiku]

Popper on Marx on History

Chris Christensen considers a clash of two colossal Karls.
[Issue 131: April/May 2019: Question Marx]

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