Reviews: Theatre

Wittgenstein: Stoppard’s Muse

Fergus Edwards finds Wittgenstein everywhere in Tom Stoppard’s plays, from Jumpers to Leopoldstadt.
[Issue 154: February/March 2023]

War Horse

Colin Brookes gains ethical understanding from a profound aesthetic experience.
[Issue 103: July/August 2014]

Socrates and His Clouds

Katie Javanaud sees a dramatic vindication of Socrates.
[Issue 98: September/October 2013]

A Theory of Justice: The Musical!

Ziyad Hayatli reviews a novel work of political philosophy.
[Issue 95: March/April 2013]

The Question

Sue Rolfe shares her feelings about a theatre installation.
[Issue 81: October/November 2010]

Twilight Of The Gods

And now for something completely different: Tim Madigan watches Nietzsche clash with Wagner.
[Issue 76: November/December 2009]

No Exit to Portland

Tim Madigan watches a performance of Jean-Paul Sartre’s best-known play, and learns about Anguish.
[Issue 53: November/December 2005]

Jumpers by Tom Stoppard

Warren Allen Smith took at trip to Times Square to see a musical whodunnit about philosophical acrobats debating the existence of God. What else could it be but Jumpers by the profound and playful Tom Stoppard.
[Issue 49: January/February 2005]


Our new film columnist has discovered an exciting new type of movie: there’s no screen and the parts are played by live actors, in real time. Thomas Wartenberg reports on the play Copenhagen by Michael Frayn.
[Issue 28: August/September 2000]


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