Themed Articles: Future Shocks

Pascal’s Artificial Intelligence Wager

Derek Leben computes the risks of general AI.
[Issue 139: August/September 2020]

Robot Rules!

Brett Wilson judges the case for laws for robots.
[Issue 139: August/September 2020]

Virtual Reality as a Catalyst for Thought

Joakim Vindenes says VR could be a useful addition to the philosopher’s toolkit.
[Issue 139: August/September 2020]

The Singularity of the Human Hive Mind

James Sirois gives us a strong warning about overusing the net.
[Issue 139: August/September 2020]

The Battle for the Robot Soul

James K. Wight looks at how cultures define our views of machines.
[Issue 139: August/September 2020]

A Survival Guide for Living in the Simulation

Harry Whitnall considers how best to react if you find out that the world isn’t real.
[Issue 139: August/September 2020]


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