Themed Articles: Irish Philosophy

Thomas Duddy & Irish Philosophy

Tim Madigan travels through time to seek the essential nature of Irish thought.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024]

Irish Philosophy & Me

Catherine Barry charts her journey through historical Irish thought.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024]

Edmund Burke & the Politics of Reform

Jon Langford outlines conservative insights gained from revolutionary failures.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024]

Philip Pettit & The Birth of Ethics

Peter Stone thinks about a thought experiment about how ethics evolved.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024]

Philosophy & Hurling: Thinking & Playing

Stiofán Ó Murchadha on knowing how we know.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024]

Horseplay in Hibernia

Seán Moran explores equine escapades in Eire and elsewhere.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024]


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