Themed Articles: The Search for Meaning

Philosophers Exploring The Good Life

Jim Mepham quests with philosophers to discover what makes a life good.
[Issue 162: June/July 2024]

The Present Is Not All There Is To Happiness

Rob Gilbert says don’t just live in the now.
[Issue 162: June/July 2024]

What Is Life Worth?

Michael Allen Fox wonders whether life really is ‘a precious gift’.
[Issue 162: June/July 2024]

Frankl & Sartre in Search of Meaning

Georgia Arkell compares logotherapy and atheistic existentialism.
[Issue 162: June/July 2024]

Finding Meaning in Suffering

Patrick Testa on the extraordinary hope offered by Viktor Frankl.
[Issue 162: June/July 2024]


Ruben David Azevedo tells us why, in a limitless universe, we’re not insignificant.
[Issue 162: June/July 2024]


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