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Solid Ground

by Clinton Van Inman

Our greatest philosopher David Hume
Whose logical doubts left nothing assumed
With the skeptical arguments he had found
Left nothing standing on solid ground.
Until a Mensch named Kant came along
And pointed out where Dave went wrong
With the help of a little a priori
Now the world was just a category.
Years later all the cerebral minds of the Logics
Even with the help of modern mathematics
Or PhDs debating with esoteric intellectualism
Could not connect the pieces to any new ism.
Disgruntled I found nothing to suffice
Until I saw Sophie skating on solid ice.

© Clinton Van Inman 2019

Clinton Van Inman was born in England, raised in North Carolina, graduated SDSU with a degree in philosophy, and is now retired and living in Florida with his wife Elba.

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