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Berkeley’s & Hume’s Philosophical Memoirs

David Berman looks for similarities and differences in the aims of the two thinkers.
[Issue 120 :: June/July 2017 :: Articles]

David Hume (1711-1776)

Alistair MacFarlane treats of the life of a great Scot.
[Issue 119 :: April/May 2017 :: Brief Lives]

How I Solved Hume’s Problem and Why Nobody Will Believe Me

Eugene Earnshaw saves Western philosophy.
[Issue 119 :: April/May 2017 :: Articles]

Hegel & Hume Talk It Over

Chris Christensen watches Hume and Hegel argue about how they can have knowledge of reality.
[Issue 117 :: December 2016 / January 2017 :: Fiction]

Justifying Our Moral Judgments

Thomas Dabay combines the ideas of David Hume and Immanuel Kant to help show how we can be right about what’s right.
[Issue 112 :: February/March 2016 :: Articles]

A Justification of Empirical Thinking

Arnold Zuboff tells us why we should believe our senses.
[Issue 102 :: May/June 2014 :: Articles]

Causes As (Local) Oomph

Raymond Tallis hunts for the source of causation.
[Issue 100 :: January/February 2014 :: Tallis in Wonderland]

More Mr Nice Guy

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 83 :: March/April 2011 :: Editorial]

David Hume at 300

Howard Darmstadter looks at the life and legacy of the incendiary tercentenarian.
[Issue 83 :: March/April 2011 :: David Hume]

Hume, HobNobs and Metaphysics

Sally Latham shows how Hume’s views on causality really take the biscuit.
[Issue 83 :: March/April 2011 :: David Hume]

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