Issue 17

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Issue 17: Spring 1997


The Beauty of Numbers

by Rick Lewis


News: Spring 1997


Art: the Demolition Derby

Colin Radford considers the wonderful world of modern art.

Beauty & Science

Marilyn Kane wonders what scientists mean when they say nature is beautiful.

Discovering the Truth within falsehood

Colin M. Harper on the non-reductive atheism of Ludwig Feuerbach.

Does Abstinence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Bob Sharpe doubts it. A reply to Thomas D’Andrea.

Is Grief Self-Regarding?

Christiane Pohl considers grief from a philosophical perspective.

Philosophy on the Internet

Pythagoras & The Numbers Game

Richard Lewis on Pythagoras of Samos.

Thanks for the Memories

Trevor Emmott explains why ‘acts of will’ may exist after all.

The Launch of Nocturnal Records

Mark Daniels ponders a novel experience – his first ever rave.

The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of Philosophy

Richard Mason finds a saint to help a scientist.


Letters to the Editor

Science and Ideology • No sexism here! • God and the Philosophers • Irritated Subscriber


Discontented Democrat

Michael Gough reviews Democracy’s Discontent: America in Search of a Public Philosophy by Michael J. Sandel.

Driving to California

Bob Sharpe reviews an unconventional book of essays by Colin Radford.


Voluntary Sex

Peter Cave stumbles on some slippery slope arguments.

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