Issue 20

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Issue 20: Spring 1998


Philosophy New

Rick Lewis & Mark Daniels unveil this magazine’s new look…


News: Spring 1998

Philosophy Cafés arrive in the UK • Hume tomb to bloom • Aristotle gold row • Animal rights legal landmark • Philosophy Now editor goes on holiday


Be Your Own Person – Be a Philosopher

Continuing our occasional series of personal interpretations of philosophy, C.H. Goodwin extols the philosophical life.

Drinks & Thinks

A roundup of news from the philosophy cafés.

Free will & Predestination

Ralph Blumenau argues that there is more to the doctrine of predestination than we might think. To support his theory he looks back to the teaching of Original Sinner St. Augustine.

Killing Time

Cliff Stagoll on the strange case of John McTaggart, who didn’t believe in time.

Onward Christian soldiers

Russian philosophy was brought to the public eye by the recently deceased Sir Isaiah Berlin. In this article, David Limond explains the thinking of a philosopher who married political thinking and Christianity in a particularly Russian way.

Relativism – An Allegorical Elucidation

Emrys Westacott comes to the aid of a much reviled theory.

Sick to Death?

Is suicide a disease to be treated, or a choice to be respected? Justin Busch tackles the problem by analysing the concept of disease.

What’s New in… Ancient Philosophy

In the first of our ‘Overview’ series, Mark Daniels describes the latest work on the earliest philosophers.


Prozac cogitation

Tim Lebon interviews Louis Marinoff, the foremost exponent of philosophical counselling.



Rantings and Ravens • Arguing with himself? • How Soon Is Now? • Mothers and Gods • Humpty Dumpty Theology • Valid and True • Long-Winded Proofs • To Know All Isn’t To Forgive All… • Challenge Everything!


Peg’s Piece

Philosophy Now’s new columnist Peg Tittle has doubts about the benefits of Inner Peace.


Le Ton beau de Marot by Douglas Hofstadter and Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies by Hofstadter and the Fluid Analogies Research Group

Danny Kodicek explains why Douglas Hofstadter thinks analogies are important. Loop is to pool as rich is to…

Solidarity in the Conversation of Humankind: The Ungroundable Liberalism of Richard Rorty by Norman Geras

Mike Fuller discusses the liberalism of Richard Rorty.

The Last Word by Thomas Nagel

Antony Flew cheers an attack on relativism by Thomas Nagel.


Why should I live when others die?

A short story in which Arthur Chappell sees his life flash before his eyes.

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