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Climate of Conflict

by Handsen Chikowore

Consequences of death of democracy
Too choking to accept than to challenge
It’s brutal, painful and agonising
Penetrating deeper than oceans deemed
Is life worthy all these tribulations?

Freedom of speech becomes footsteps to your funeral
Your view becomes your victimisation
Opinions transforms into oppression
Your way of thinking becomes a threat
No licence to express your ideas
How long can we remain tongue-tied?

One sees more devils than vast hell can hold
The path in front and behind are blocked
Blocked by the dragonian, demonic, devil dictactor
Through intimidation, violence,terror, discrimination and torture
A humanitarian crisis to be resolved
It’s so traumatic penetrating deeper in my heart like a sharp needle

Political oppression becomes affliction
Lawlessness generating commotion, confusion and pandemonium
Political campaigns becomes terror campaigns
Human rights becomes... humiliations
Everyone gripped with fear
A breath of fresh air cometh not
How long can you afford to ignore?

Life becomes a denied paradise
Its persecutions after persecutions
No freedom of choice or options
Everything is do or die
Better for me to exit my country and enter into exile.
To save my dear life


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