Issue 7

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Issue 7: Autumn 1993


On Dialogue

by Rick Lewis


News: Autumn 1993


A Puzzle About Causation

by Stephen Mumford

A Shopper’s Guide to the Philosophy of Science

By Phil Kime, our man with the trolley next to the cheese counter.

Changing Face

Dahlian Kirby says we don’t need cosmetic surgery.

On Panic

by Bernard Baboulène

Philosophy Glossary

Rules for the Successful and Harmonious Operation of an Amateur Philosophy Club

Helpfully suggested by Alan Duckworth.

Santa Lives?: The Challenge for Philosophy

by Les Reid

The Continental Rift

Mike Fuller attempts to build some bridges.

The Philosopher as Actor

by Peter Rickman

Wanted: Schrödinger’s Cat Dead or Alive!

Joy Christian tells the bizarre tale of quantum reality.


The Fiendish Autumn Crossword

Concocted by Mike Fuller.


Letters to the Editor

Why Unicorns Are Necessary • Apologetic But Defiant • Educational Inquisition • Floppy Souls


Moral Literacy: or How To Do The Right Thing by Colin McGinn

A review by Nicholas Everitt.


Geoff Wade reviews Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism by Fredric Jameson.

A Marxist in Ernest

Mark Neocleous reviews John Cowley’s book The Victorian Encounter with Marx: A Study of Ernest Belfort Bax.

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