Issue 84

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Issue 84: May/June 2011


Philosophy For Children

by David Boersema


News: May/June 2011

Identity in computer games • Philosophy depts fight closure • Lévy and the Libyan rebels — News reports by Sue Roberts


“Can Animals Think?”: Talking Philosophy With Children

Robert Fisher finds wisdom in the mouths of infants.

How Children Made Me A Better Philosopher

Rory Kraft, Jr. tells us how philosophical thinking can be youthfully enhanced.

Picture Book Philosophy

Thomas Wartenberg explains his method of introducing philosophy to children.

The Challenge of Moral Education

Wendy Turgeon on ways of getting children to think about values.

What Would Socrates Say To Mrs Smith?

Susan Gardner gets some childcare tips from the wisest man in ancient Athens.


How Believing in an Afterlife Can Ruin Your Life

John Shand gives us a grave warning.

Let’s Abolish ‘Art’!

Mark Roberts gives an answer to the question of ‘Art’.

The Ever-Expanding Kingdom of Bull

Neil Greenspan takes an appalled glance at all the BS in academia and beyond.

The Facts of Life

Tim Wilkinson uses evolution to sort out his facts from his ‘mere theories’.

The Heideggerian Disruptions of Zippy The Pinhead

Ellen Grabiner ponders the bearable lightness of being a Pinhead.

Who Or What Am I?

The following answers to the question of the self each win a random book.



Our thirty-eighth box of beguilling brilliance bounded and balanced by Deiradiotes.


Peter Worley

Peter Worley runs The Philosophy Shop in London with his wife Emma. Rick Lewis asks him about teaching philosophy to kids.



What Is Life, Anyway? • Coerced Into Liberty • Strung Out Physicists • Divine Hope Dries Up • States Of Souls • Morality Lives On, And On • Poetic Morality


World Without Anger

by Joel Marks

Mathematical Platonism

Our philosophical science correspondent Massimo Pigliucci takes a dose of it.

Seeing Time

Raymond Tallis keeps his eye on time.


A Philosophy of Fear by Lars Svendsen

Mark Frankel thinks fearfully.

More Than Matter? by Keith Ward

Mark Vernon asks what the matter is with Keith Ward.

The Shorter Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Mark Cyzyk looks up a compact philosophy encyclopedia.

Caché (Hidden)

Babak Amou’oghli relates a tale of hospitality and hostility.



Sam Morris considers the odds of an odd meeting.

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