Ethics For A Broken World by Tim Mulgan

Alfred Archer looks at Tim Mulgan’s look forward at people looking back, with anger.

Imagine a broken world – a world with a chaotic climate that is unable to produce enough resources to meet everyone’s basic needs. Further imagine that this is our world a hundred years in the future. This world has been broken not by natural disaster, nor as a result of the actions of that future world’s inhabitants: it is people living today who have broken the future world, by acting in ways that we know will have devastating consequences for the environment. How would the inhabitants of this future world view the moral and political thinking of the society that led to their world being broken – our society? This is the question that Tim Mulgan investigates in this thought-provoking book. But the aim of the book is neither to provide a definitive answer to this question, nor to investigate how future people will actually think.

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