News: September/October 2013

Human brains grown in lab • Tallis wins ‘Against Stupidity’ award • McGinn in harassment row • Mice mis-remember — News reports by Sue Roberts

2018 World Congress of Philosophy to be held in Beijing

The next World Congress of Philosophy will be held in Beijing. The city won a vote at the end of the 2013 World Congress in August, beating off a last minute challenge from Rio de Janeiro. (See World Congress report.)

Mice Given False Memories

In a paper just published in the journal Science, (26 July 2013) a team of researchers at MIT led by Nobel laureate Susumu Tonegawa say they have succeeded in implanting a false memory in the brain of a mouse. This was done by chemical manipulation of individual neurons; success was judged by the fact that the mouse showed fear behaviour when placed into a chamber that contained nothing frightening.

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