Issue 98

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Issue 98: September/October 2013


Too Fast To Live…

by Rick Lewis


News: September/October 2013

Human brains grown in lab • Tallis wins ‘Against Stupidity’ award • McGinn in harassment row • Mice mis-remember — News reports by Sue Roberts

World Congress of Philosophy

Rick Lewis and Anja Steinbauer report from Athens from one of the biggest philosophy gatherings of all times.


The Master of the Absurd Turns 100

Ray Cavanaugh gives us a brief introduction to the life of Albert Camus.

Camus: Between Yes & No

Ray Boisvert tells us about Camus’ essential ambivalence towards the world.

On Living Without Transcendence: A Homage to Camus

Van Harvey says it is possible to live meaningfully without a higher purpose.


Information, Knowledge & Intelligence

Alistair MacFarlane considers the differences between these crucial concepts, and the implications for how we think about computers.

Epicureanism: The Hobo Test

Brian Dougall puts the philosophy of Epicurus (341-270 BC) to the test.

Philosophical Counseling

Maria daVenza Tillmanns on understanding self and others through dialogue.

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600)

Dale DeBakcsy delves into the secret origins of modern philosophy.

What Is The Present Nature, And The Future, Of Philosophy?

The following answers to this question of philosophy each win a random book.



Illusion of an Illusion • No-Buddhism • Artificial Unintelligence • Machiavellian Intrigues • A Variety of Universal Moral Laws • Can’t Keep a Good Zombie Down • Natural Philosophy • Why Did The Philosopher Cross The Road? • Condensed Thoughts


Nonsense on Stilts

by Joel Marks

Sisyphus Rocks!

Tim Madigan looks at the meaning of life for Albert Camus.

Naming Airy Nothings

Raymond Tallis maps the gaps between language and reality.


The Things We Do and Why We Do Them by Constantine Sandis

Constantine Sandis’s critiques of our actions are under scrutiny by Les Reid.

What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets by Michael Sandel

Michael Sandel’s critiques of our actions are under scrutiny by Philip Badger.

Green Philosophy by Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton’s critiques of our actions are under scrutiny by Paul Keeling.

Socrates and His Clouds

Katie Javanaud sees a dramatic vindication of Socrates.


Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

Bill Stott’s Cartoon

by Bill Stott

Chris Gill’s Cartoon

by Chris Gill


Synthetic Philosophy: A Manifesto

Neven Sesardic introduces a revolutionary new way to gain philosophical insight.

A Short History of Philosophers’ Haircuts

Sean Gittins informs us of the incontrovertible but hitherto unresearched link between philosophy and hair style.

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