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The Moral Countenance of Art

Emrys Westacott asks if we can really tell what it is that films and other art are either condemning or condoning.
[Issue 105: November/December 2014: Films: 30 matches]

Nurse Betty

What happens when the barrier between our ‘real’ world and the fantasy world of film starts to crumble? Our man in the front row with the popcorn Thomas Wartenberg watches Nurse Betty succumb to madness.
[Issue 31: March/April 2001: Films: 30 matches]

Cuties (Mignonnes)

Majalli Fatah rips apart a so-called ‘feminist’ critique of an uncomfortable feminist film.
[Issue 142: February/March 2021: Films: 29 matches]

King Kong

What are the dangers when a director monkeys around with a classic film? Thomas Wartenberg on the remake of King Kong.
[Issue 54: February/March 2006: Films: 28 matches]

Pi and the Movie Mind

A number of recent films deal with mathematics and mathematicians. Can we learn something from them or are they misleading? Peter Stone investigates.
[Issue 64: November/December 2007: Films: 28 matches]

Bad Education

Thomas Wartenberg thinks darkly fraternal thoughts while watching a movie by Pedro Almodovar about sibling rivalry and the appalling results of Bad Education.
[Issue 49: January/February 2005: Films: 28 matches]


Colin Brookes sees perspectives representational and moral in Hanif Kureishi’s oblique study of love.
[Issue 72: March/April 2009: Films: 27 matches]


What dark secrets can vampires reveal to us about German Romanticism? Behind the rows of screaming teenagers sits Scott O’Reilly, with a bag of popcorn and the collected works of Friedrich Schelling.
[Issue 35: March/April 2002: Films: 25 matches]

9/11 and World Trade Center

Thomas Wartenberg sees two films about 9-11 and muses that sometimes more than courage is called for.
[Issue 58: November/December 2006: Films: 23 matches]

The Passenger

Ismar Badzic thinks about multiple identities.
[Issue 79: June/July 2010: Films: 23 matches]

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