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Tag: "Descartes"

The Philosopher, The Priest, & The Painter by Steve Nadler

Massimo Pigliucci studies a portrait of Descartes.
[Issue 111 :: December 2015 / January 2016 :: Books]

Descartes versus Cudworth On The Moral Worth of Animals

Samuel Kaldas compares two views on the nature of animals and their implications for our moral responsibility towards them.
[Issue 108 :: June/July 2015 :: Articles]

You Are Here

by Chris Madden
[Issue 97 :: July/August 2013 :: Cartoon]


Heather Rivera dreams up a film review. Or does she?
[Issue 88 :: January/February 2012 :: Films]

Descartes’s Method of Doubt by Janet Broughton

Harry Bracken frets about Janet Broughton’s non-historical book on Descartes’ ideas.
[Issue 43 :: October/November 2003 :: Books]

The Matrix Reloaded

Our movie maestro Thomas Wartenberg plugs himself into The Matrix Reloaded but says that philosophically, it was destined to be dull.
[Issue 42 :: July/August 2003 :: Films]

Spooky Stories

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 42 :: July/August 2003 :: Editorial]

The Structure of Thinking by Laura Weed

Scott O’Reilly gets quite excited about a new book on the nature of the mind by Laura Weed.
[Issue 42 :: July/August 2003 :: Books]

What is Materialism?

Michael Philips on the shaky foundations of the most popular philosophical theory of modern times.
[Issue 42 :: July/August 2003 :: Philosophy & the Paranormal]

Descartes Was Right!

A short story by Katherine Power.
[Issue 42 :: July/August 2003 :: Short Story]

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