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Tag: "Heidegger"

Ponderings II-VI: Black Notebooks 1931-1938 by Martin Heidegger

Mahon O’Brien asks how far the first English translation of Martin Heidegger’s notebooks show him to be a Nazi.
[Issue 121 :: August/September 2017 :: Books]

News: August/September 2016

Self-Driving Car Studies Cast Light on Attitudes to Ethics • Nussbaum Wins Prize • Heidegger Has A New Book Out — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 115 :: August/September 2016 :: News]

Herder, Humboldt, Heidegger: Language As World-Disclosure

Audrey Borowski follows the twists of a German Romantic linguistic turn.
[Issue 108 :: June/July 2015 :: Articles]

The Heideggerian Disruptions of Zippy The Pinhead

Ellen Grabiner ponders the bearable lightness of being a Pinhead.
[Issue 84 :: May/June 2011 :: Articles]

The Hat

A short play by Zsuzsanna Ardó.
[Issue 75 :: September/October 2009 :: Fiction]

The Metaphysics of Nature

Rich Grego compares John Dewey’s and Martin Heidegger’s views on ecology.
[Issue 65 :: January/February 2008 :: Green Philosophy]

Being and Time – The Musical!

Grant Bartley sees the funny side of Martin Heidegger.
[Issue 63 :: September/October 2007 :: Articles]

Dasein And The Arts

So how do you apply philosophical principles to think about art? An example can be derived from an unlikely source. Reneh Karamians uses Heidegger’s philosophy as an illustration of how to understand aesthetic experience.
[Issue 57 :: September/October 2006 :: The Arts]

Towards the Definition of Philosophy by Martin Heidegger

Roger Caldwell reads some never-before translated lectures by an ambitious young Martin Heidegger.
[Issue 32 :: June/July 2001 :: Books]

Heidegger, Metaphysics & Wheelbarrows

Richard Oxenberg gives a poetic introduction to Heidegger’s Being and Time.
[Issue 32 :: June/July 2001 :: Existentialism]

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