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Tag: "Plato"

Plato versus Literature

Daniel Toré asks, can literature save us?
[Issue 161: April/May 2024: Philosophy & Literature]

Horseplay in Hibernia

Seán Moran explores equine escapades in Eire and elsewhere.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024: Irish Philosophy]

Plato’s Myths

Neel Burton asks why the master reasoner turned to launching legends.
[Issue 151: August/September 2022: The Greeks]

Glaucon Before Lachesis

Mark Piper unveils the long-lost epilogue to Plato’s Republic.
[Issue 151: August/September 2022: Fiction]

All Your Love is Need

Peter Adamson ponders erotic philosophy in the Renaissance.
[Issue 148: February/March 2022: Philosophy Then]

Plato (427-347 BC)

William Dante Deacon looks at the life of a founding father of Western philosophy.
[Issue 142: February/March 2021: Brief Lives]

Do You Need Any Body?

Peter Adamson on Avicenna’s soul survivors.
[Issue 141: December 2020 / January 2021: Philosophy Then]

Philosophy & The Creation of the Individual

Mark Vernon chronicles a revolution in consciousness.
[Issue 138: June/July 2020: Articles]

Two Famous Philistines of Philosophy

Christopher Devlin Brown sees similarities and differences in Nietzsche’s and Plato’s critiques of art.
[Issue 137: April/May 2020: Nietzsche Past & Future]

Greeks Bearing Gifts

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 136: February/March 2020: Editorial]

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