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Tag: "logic & critical thinking"

I Don’t Believe It!

Dene Bebbington presents a couple of bad but popular arguments.
[Issue 142 :: February/March 2021 :: The Tree of Knowledge]

Corvid Captured

Seán Moran investigates indoor ornithology.
[Issue 138 :: June/July 2020 :: Street Philosopher]

How To Change Your Mind

Steven Campbell-Harris tells us how philosophy can change thinking.
[Issue 136 :: February/March 2020 :: Articles]

Against Stupidity in the Media

Angela Phillips is the winner of Philosophy Now’s 2019 Award for Contributions in the Fight Against Stupidity. She gave this acceptance talk at Conway Hall in January.
[Issue 131 :: April/May 2019 :: Articles]

A Forgiving Reason: The Secret of Sherlock Holmes’ Success

Tim Weldon detects links between Sherlock Holmes and Blaise Pascal in the operation of intuition.
[Issue 129 :: December 2018 / January 2019 :: Arts & Letters]

Ockham’s Rose

Carol Nicholson looks at philosophical themes in The Name Of The Rose. (WARNING: CONTAINS PLOT SPOILERS.)
[Issue 129 :: December 2018 / January 2019 :: Arts & Letters]


Sandy Grant dares to doubt them.
[Issue 127 :: August/September 2018 :: Articles]

Hail, Malthus!

Toni Vogel Carey on how easily and dangerously poor reasoning can become accepted wisdom.
[Issue 125 :: April/May 2018 :: Articles]

Bertrand Russell on Something

Landon D.C. Elkind explains why Russell believed logic can set thought free.
[Issue 120 :: June/July 2017 :: Bertrand Russell]

Gottlob Frege (1848-1925)

Alistair MacFarlane laments the profound disappointment of a master of logic.
[Issue 116 :: October/November 2016 :: Brief Lives]

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