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Tag: "philosophy of mind"

What it Means to be Human: Blade Runner 2049

Kilian Pötter introduces the big ideas and problems around artificial consciousness.
[Issue 155: April/May 2023: AI & Mind]

Arguing with the Chinese Room

Michael DeBellis says Searle’s famous argument about computers not having understanding does not compute.
[Issue 155: April/May 2023: AI & Mind]

What’s Stopping Us Achieving Artificial General Intelligence?

A. Efimov, D. Dubrovsky, and F. Matveev explore how the development of AI is limited by the perceived need to understand language and be embodied.
[Issue 155: April/May 2023: AI & Mind]

Against Neural Philosophy Of Mind

Raymond Tallis argues that your brain waves are not themselves thoughts.
[Issue 137: April/May 2020: Tallis in Wonderland]

Living with Robots by Paul Dumouchel & Luisa Damiano

Richard Baron wonders what changes in our own thinking it would take to live with sociable robots.
[Issue 132: June/July 2019: Books]

What is Panspiritism?

Steve Taylor introduces an alternative way of conceiving consciousness.
[Issue 131: April/May 2019: Articles]

Logos by Raymond Tallis

We seek purpose and enlightenment as Stephen Anderson attempts to understand Raymond Tallis’s attempt to understand our understanding of the world.
[Issue 131: April/May 2019: Books]

You and Your Mind

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 130: February/March 2019: Editorial]

News: February/March 2019

Brain to Brain networking demonstrated • Saudi Arabia to lift philosophy teaching ban • Philosophy Now Against Stupidity Award — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
[Issue 130: February/March 2019: News]

Defending Free Will & The Self

Frank S. Robinson ‘chooses’ to remind ‘us’ of problems some contemporary philosophers have with these central human concepts.
[Issue 130: February/March 2019: Mind & Self]

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