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Tag: "rationality"

Reason & Emotion

James R. Robinson finds ways of bridging the gap (or not).
[Issue 144: June/July 2021: Articles]

Are People Rational?

John Ongley investigates what Bertrand Russell thought about human reason.
[Issue 120: June/July 2017: Bertrand Russell]

The Conspiracy of Theories

Stephen Brewer stealthily records a dialogue in which Freya argues that conspiracy theories are illogical, but Orin is not so sure.
[Issue 114: June/July 2016: Dialogue]

The Brain’s Risk/Reward System Makes Our Choices, Not Us

Graham W. Boyd argues that choice is an illusion.
[Issue 112: February/March 2016: Free Will]

The Prisoner’s Dilemma and The Evolution of Morality

Brian King seeks the possible evolution of morality through computer simulations.
[Issue 109: August/September 2015: Science & Morality]

Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder
[Issue 109: August/September 2015: Cartoon]

The Laws of Thought

by Grant Bartley
[Issue 106: February/March 2015: Editorial]

Critical Reasoning

Marianne Talbot tells us how to use the ultimate in transferrable skills.
[Issue 106: February/March 2015: How To Think]

The Need To Move Beyond Homo Faber

Maria daVenza Tillmanns argues that we need to be holistic in our approach to solving complex problems.
[Issue 106: February/March 2015: How To Think]

Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872)

Dale DeBakcsy tells us how Ludwig Feuerbach revolutionized philosophy and got absolutely no credit for it.
[Issue 103: July/August 2014: Brief Lives]

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