Columns: Food for Thought

Food, Glorious Food For Thought

Tim Madigan on what philosophy means to him.
[Issue 106: February/March 2015]

The Comet Cometh

Tim Madigan hears Pierre Bayle’s 17th century plea for religious toleration.
[Issue 103: July/August 2014]

A Mind is a Wonderful Thing to Meet

Tim Madigan remembers Steve Allen’s Meeting of Minds.
[Issue 100: January/February 2014]

Sisyphus Rocks!

Tim Madigan looks at the meaning of life for Albert Camus.
[Issue 98: September/October 2013]

“I Gave Them A Sword”

Tim Madigan asks how Machiavellian Richard Nixon really was.
[Issue 97: July/August 2013]

“Wad Some Power The Giftie Gie Us”

Tim Madigan takes up a very gentlemanly system of morals.
[Issue 94: January/February 2013]

Emily Brontë – Philosopher

Tim Madigan philosophizes poetically.
[Issue 90: May/June 2012]

Remembering Marshall McLuhan

Tim Madigan meditates on the man behind the message.
[Issue 87: November/December 2011]

David et Jean-Jacques

Tim Madigan describes the original odd couple.
[Issue 83: March/April 2011]

I Heard The News That Day

Tim Madigan reflects on the murder of John Lennon.
[Issue 82: January/February 2011]

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