Columns: Tallis in Wonderland

Religion & Evil

Raymond Tallis has some inconclusive thoughts.
[Issue 134 :: October/November 2019]

In Measure Began Our Might

Raymond Tallis takes the measure of measurement.
[Issue 133 :: August/September 2019]

About Aboutness

Raymond Tallis has some thoughts about intentionality.
[Issue 132 :: June/July 2019]

On Failing to be a Philosopher

Raymond Tallis thinks through what not thinking things through involves.
[Issue 131 :: April/May 2019]

Homo Faber

Raymond Tallis makes much out of human tool use.
[Issue 130 :: February/March 2019]

Brains, Minds, Selves

Raymond Tallis uses all three to show that he has all three.
[Issue 129 :: December 2018 / January 2019]


Raymond Tallis tells us how (not) to live forever.
[Issue 128 :: October/November 2018]

Fifty Shades of Black

Raymond Tallis berates the malign pessimism of John Gray.
[Issue 127 :: August/September 2018]

On Non-Existent Objects

Raymond Tallis explores non-being and time.
[Issue 126 :: June/July 2018]

Problems & Mysteries

Raymond Tallis says mystery is the heart of philosophy.
[Issue 125 :: April/May 2018]

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