Columns: Tallis in Wonderland

An Unholy Trinity

Raymond Tallis reflects on the man in the mirror.
[Issue 150 :: June/July 2022]

Perception as a Controlled Hallucination

Raymond Tallis argues against calling everyday experience a ‘hallucination’.
[Issue 149 :: April/May 2022]

The Philosopher in the Café

Raymond Tallis finds Sartre in bad faith about ‘Bad Faith’.
[Issue 148 :: February/March 2022]

From Dust to Dust

Raymond Tallis on a lifetime of cleaning.
[Issue 147 :: December 2021 / January 2022]

On Making and Keeping Appointments

Raymond Tallis introduces post-tensed time.
[Issue 146 :: October/November 2021]

The Riddle of the Sphincter

Raymond Tallis reflects on embodiment.
[Issue 145 :: August/September 2021]

‘The Laws of Nature’

Raymond Tallis gazes into the gap between nature’s habits and the laws of science.
[Issue 144 :: June/July 2021]

Thinking About Thinking

Raymond Tallis reflexes his mind muscle.
[Issue 143 :: April/May 2021]

Perception & Reality

Raymond Tallis perceives a difference between them.
[Issue 142 :: February/March 2021]

Arguing with a Solipsist

Raymond Tallis takes it upon himself to prove that you exist.
[Issue 141 :: December 2020 / January 2021]

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