Columns: Tallis in Wonderland

Reflections on Reality

Raymond Tallis holds a mirror up to the philosophical world.
[Issue 157 :: August/September 2023]

Remembering Memory

Raymond Tallis examines a miracle of mentality.
[Issue 156 :: June/July 2023]

Reflections on Taking My Blood Pressure

Raymond Tallis finds himself within himself.
[Issue 155 :: April/May 2023]

An Encounter with Radical Darwinitis

Dr Raymond Tallis lances a metaphysical boil.
[Issue 154 :: February/March 2023]

An Invitation to Navel Gazing

Raymond Tallis requests the pleasure of your company for this most philosophical of gatherings.
[Issue 153 :: December 2022 / January 2023]

The Fantasy of Conscious Machines

Raymond Tallis says talk of ‘artificial intelligence’ is neither intelligent nor indeed, intelligible.
[Issue 152 :: October/November 2022]

How Did We Get To Be So Different?

Raymond Tallis grasps the grip our hands have on our humanity.
[Issue 151 :: August/September 2022]

An Unholy Trinity

Raymond Tallis reflects on the man in the mirror.
[Issue 150 :: June/July 2022]

Perception as a Controlled Hallucination

Raymond Tallis argues against calling everyday experience a ‘hallucination’.
[Issue 149 :: April/May 2022]

The Philosopher in the Café

Raymond Tallis finds Sartre in bad faith about ‘Bad Faith’.
[Issue 148 :: February/March 2022]

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