Animal Lab

Liz Stillwaggon Swan hears the mice and cats run for the hills, quietly.
[Issue 76 :: November/December 2009]

I once saw magic in the veins of things

by George Eraclides
[Issue 75 :: September/October 2009]

The Hat

A short play by Zsuzsanna Ardó.
[Issue 75 :: September/October 2009]

The Job Interview

Josh Tomlin gets a clear picture of his prospects.
[Issue 74 :: July/August 2009]

‘The mission of poetry is to make us alive’ – Lorca

Natasha Morgan plans a poetic revolution.
[Issue 74 :: July/August 2009]

But, Socrates

Gary W. Gilbert doesn’t seem to know the form.
[Issue 74 :: July/August 2009]

The Bells, The Bells

Kevin Robson drinks whiskey and sees things in a different way.
[Issue 74 :: July/August 2009]

The Lost Dialogues: Mr Socrates

Michael Katz overhears Socrates’ private dialectic.
[Issue 73 :: May/June 2009]

Highgate Cemetery

Shanta Acharya feels gentle intimations.
[Issue 70 :: November/December 2008]

Only Human

Peter Worley’s heroine discovers that love goes deeper than the senses can penetrate.
[Issue 69 :: September/October 2008]

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