Equal Rights For Futurians!

Tony Milligan tells a futuristic story about the rights of future people.
[Issue 85 :: July/August 2011]


Sam Morris considers the odds of an odd meeting.
[Issue 84 :: May/June 2011]

Einstein’s Cosmic Hangover

by Roger Caldwell
[Issue 83 :: March/April 2011]

The Man Whose Face Disappeared

What is it like to lose your identity? Find out in this eldritch parable by David Carr.
[Issue 83 :: March/April 2011]

Wittgenstein Without Tears

This 29th April is the 60th anniversary of Wittgenstein’s death. Neven Sesardic humorously celebrates his life.
[Issue 83 :: March/April 2011]

On Reviving Socrates

by Andrea Nicki
[Issue 82 :: January/February 2011]


Yahia Lababidi’s multiple philosophies speak gently to us.
[Issue 82 :: January/February 2011]

The Three Holograms

Nicholas Palisade finds the whole truth visible in a small cell.
[Issue 81 :: October/November 2010]

Parallel Mirrors

by Armando Halpern
[Issue 81 :: October/November 2010]

The Museum-going Cannibal

by Yahia Lababidi
[Issue 80 :: August/September 2010]

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