P.K.F. Robinson (1908-2012)

Michael O’Connor reports on the Diagonalist English philosopher sadly crushed to death by his ‘Philosophical House’.
[Issue 90 :: May/June 2012]

Jean-Paul & Simone In The Digital Age

Vivian Todini imagines a modern existential dialogue.
[Issue 89 :: March/April 2012]

Bishop Berkeley Gives Comfort To His Wife

by Roger Caldwell
[Issue 88 :: January/February 2012]

The Bottle

Peter Colbourne tells us a tale of lost philosophers.
[Issue 88 :: January/February 2012]

Christmas Party Philosophy

Tim Wilkinson sure knows how to have a good time.
[Issue 87 :: November/December 2011]

The Immortalization Commission

by Constantine Sandis
[Issue 86 :: September/October 2011]

The Dead German Philosophers’ Club

Carl Murray eavesdrops on an heroic argument.
[Issue 86 :: September/October 2011]

The Empirical Problem

by Peter Davis
[Issue 85 :: July/August 2011]

Equal Rights For Futurians!

Tony Milligan tells a futuristic story about the rights of future people.
[Issue 85 :: July/August 2011]


Sam Morris considers the odds of an odd meeting.
[Issue 84 :: May/June 2011]

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