An Unwanted Visitation

Craig Potter on a conversation out of time.
[Issue 131: April/May 2019]

Selves Into Self

by Stuart Greenstreet
[Issue 130: February/March 2019]


Sebastian Richardson eavesdrops on Martin Heidegger’s relationship counselling.
[Issue 130: February/March 2019]

The Light From Our Eyes

Stephen Brewer wonders what’s in the (mind’s) eye of the beholder.
[Issue 129: December 2018 / January 2019]

At the Existentialist Park

Douglas Groothuis reports an unexpected meeting of minds.
[Issue 128: October/November 2018]

Which Is To Say

by Scott F. Parker
[Issue 127: August/September 2018]

The Parable of the Ultimate Computer

Michael Langford computes the future of computing the future.
[Issue 127: August/September 2018]

Plato’s New Cave

by Clinton Van Inman
[Issue 126: June/July 2018]

What Is It Like To Be A Bot?

Keith Frankish asks if it’s possible to know whether humans, or robots, have minds.
[Issue 126: June/July 2018]

Mink and Brace’s Accidental Conference On The Design Argument

Mark Piper designs an argument questioning the design argument.
[Issue 125: April/May 2018]

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