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by Mary Scheurer

i liked it better with a body now
no such restrictions as disease desire
no limbs encumber nor can organs fail
in this sphere neurons prosper rational
thoughts pulse pure, calm, and still save for
a sometimes crackle of synapses silence.
let me situate icon memory stick click

That day I drove too fast to you, heartbeat
racing in anticipation… body-melt,
as much of it as we could fit into
one afternoon’s sensation, skin on skin.
After the accident I underwent a process

cranium split and carefully peeled away
my brain extracted frozen then sliced fine
layer by layer scan after scan sectioned
experimental data base i am
freed from my mortal coil to liberty
a some-say path to immortality
memory is a virus though
pirating perfect performance

Windows open here and there:
the texture of your hair, moistness
of lips, scent in hollows, taste of fingertips.
Sounds crooned, marked their beat. I swooned
loving the heat. You can’t compare hardware

can’t share more than ideas here does Plato cheer
from beyond in his world of ideal forms?
not i

Give me arms and legs I beg you
eyes and ears, entangled anatomies

who wants to live forever in this zone
of disembodied consciousness alone?

© Mary Scheurer 2020

Mary Scheurer is a philosophy teacher at École Moser, a multilingual college in Geneva.

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