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About Free Time

Hugh Hunter wonders if we’re always free in our use of our free time.
[Issue 134 :: October/November 2019]

The Mind of Leonardo da Vinci

Waqās Ahmed connects Leonardo’s worldview with systems theory.
[Issue 134 :: October/November 2019]

Conceptual Origami

Andrew Notier unfolds the social construction of mathematics for us.
[Issue 134 :: October/November 2019]

Elastic Selves in the Age of Enhancement

Susana Badiola wonders how technology will help us understand our selves.
[Issue 134 :: October/November 2019]

Challenge, Enhancement & Martial Arts

Daniel Faggella uses technology to reevaluate what it is to be challenged.
[Issue 134 :: October/November 2019]

Aristotle & The Good Ruler

Maxwell Cameron wants politicians to take a lesson from Aristotle’s book.
[Issue 133 :: August/September 2019]

The Good, The Bad and Theodicy

John Holroyd on the pitfalls of academic debates about God and evil.
[Issue 133 :: August/September 2019]

Is Attributing Evil a Cognitive Bias?

Aner Govrin argues that a common perception of evil is mistaken.
[Issue 133 :: August/September 2019]

Tidying Up With Socrates

Freya Mobus compares Socrates’ method of enquiry with a fashionable way to achieve domestic harmony.
[Issue 133 :: August/September 2019]

From Ape to Man & Beyond

Henrik Schoeneberg contends that our next step is to learn to accept ourselves.
[Issue 132 :: June/July 2019]

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