The Philosophy of Modern Song by Bob Dylan

Gary Browning considers the ideas and emotions expressed in Bob Dylan’s songs and writings.
[Issue 157 :: August/September 2023]

Metamodernism: The Future of Theory by Jason Storm

John Best tries to move beyond postmodernism.
[Issue 157 :: August/September 2023]

The Postmodern Condition by Jean-François Lyotard

Mike Sutton discusses Jean-François Lyotard’s classic report on The Postmodern Condition.
[Issue 157 :: August/September 2023]

The Sopranos

Jarett Figlin discusses depravity & the American dream.
[Issue 157 :: August/September 2023]

Debating the A Priori by Paul Boghossian & Timothy Williamson

Teresa Britton debates with debates about reasoning.
[Issue 156 :: June/July 2023]

Free Will: An Opinionated Guide by Alfred R. Mele

Nikoo Aalabaf freely studies various ideas of free will.
[Issue 156 :: June/July 2023]

When Animals Dream by David M. Pena-Guzman

Nick Everitt is skeptical about animals dreaming.
[Issue 156 :: June/July 2023]

The Horror Anomaly

Daniel Toré contemplates the ethics of finding pleasure in displeasure.
[Issue 156 :: June/July 2023]

We Have Always Been Cyborgs by Stefan Lorenz Sorgner

Natasha Beranek sees transhumanism get an upgrade.
[Issue 155 :: April/May 2023]

In Praise of Failure by Costica Bradatan

Paul J. D’Ambrosio looks at the sorts of successes to which failure can lead.
[Issue 155 :: April/May 2023]

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