Jason Friend searches the infosphere for the identity algorithm [CONTAINS PLOT SPOILERS].
[Issue 152 :: October/November 2022]

Metaphysical Animals by Clare Mac Cumhaill & Rachael Wiseman and The Women Are Up to Something by Benjamin Lipscomb

Katie Barron look at two books on four famous female philosophers and friends.
[Issue 151 :: August/September 2022]

The Life Inside by Andy West

Amna Whiston looks at a book on the liberating experience of teaching philosophy in prison.
[Issue 151 :: August/September 2022]

Don’t Look Up

Dylan Skurka marvels at the human capacity to ignore existential threats.
[Issue 151 :: August/September 2022]

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor by Donald Robertson

Vincent Di Norcia thinks about Roman Emperors.
[Issue 150 :: June/July 2022]

Why Does Inequality Matter? by T.M. Scanlon

Peter Stone gives good reasons why inequality is bad.
[Issue 150 :: June/July 2022]

Organicity: Entropy or Evolution by David Dobereiner

Alan Shepherd scrutinises a new vision of society.
[Issue 150 :: June/July 2022]

Good Will Hunting

Michael J. Ferreira takes apart a controversial claim about self-education.
[Issue 150 :: June/July 2022]

Freedom: An Impossible Reality by Raymond Tallis

This issue we consider ultimate human realities as Raymond Tallis has the intention of proving free will.
[Issue 149 :: April/May 2022]

Humankind: A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman

Rutger Bregman gives a hopeful spin on our species.
[Issue 149 :: April/May 2022]

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