Themed Articles: Modern French Philosophy

The Heterotopia of Facebook

Robin Rymarczuk is Michel Foucault’s ‘friend’.
[Issue 107: April/May 2015]

French Post-Marxism

Peter Benson tells us how critiques of both Marx and capitalist society have evolved in France, with special reference to Jean Baudrillard and Bernard Stiegler.
[Issue 107: April/May 2015]

Ecstasy Through Self-Destruction

Danelle Gallo compares the ecstacies of Georges Bataille and Yves Klein.
[Issue 107: April/May 2015]

Derrida’s Performance

Yonathan Listik puts in a linguistic performance to communicate Derrida’s linguistic performance.
[Issue 107: April/May 2015]

A Refutation of Snails By Roast Beef

James Alexander finds Alain Badiou guilty of horrors but sometimes worth reading.
[Issue 107: April/May 2015]


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