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A Philosophical Round

by Daryn Green

I sat upon a chair…
(but was it there?
and what is ‘I’?
and is ‘I’ me?)
…and had some thoughts on
(where ‘had’ means ‘do’?
and ‘thoughts’: insights, or recall?
and the ‘Big P’ too:
defined by others, or by me?
or some view
And I wondered:
Is it always best when plainly told?…
(but best for what? for whom?
and ‘it’ means all, or some?
‘plainly’ means clear, or dry?
‘told’ means typed? orated?
how confidently stated?
and who should have this say?)
…Or have fictional forms a part to play?
(but ‘fiction’: poetry? theatre?
music? art? prose?
comedy? tragedy? adventure?
long? short? episodic?
concise? verbose?
literal, or metaphoric?
epistolic? dialectic? parabolic…?)
This has become more abstruse than Zen.
I think I’d better start again:
I sat upon a chair…

© Daryn Green 2014

Daryn Green is a carer, and also works as a supply teacher in North London.

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