Issue 105

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Issue 105: November/December 2014


Give (Thinking About) Peace A Chance

by David Boersema


News: November/December 2014

Be A Stoic For A Week! • DesAutels is Woman Philosopher of 2014 • Brian Leiter Steps Down — News reports by Sue Roberts


Are Human Beings Naturally Violent And Warlike?

David P. Barash says, not necessarily.

Pacifism Is Not Passivism

Duane Cady tells us why pacifism isn’t sitting back and letting the masters of war have their way.

Interpersonal Peace & Refusing Abuse

Jessica Park shares some personal lessons in peace.

Peace, Love, & Happiness

Andrew Fiala asks if it’s possible to have all three at once.

The “Ugliest of Things”?

Anja Steinbauer considers some criticisms of pacifists and pacifism.


“That Mystery of Mysteries”

Toni Vogel Carey on a forgotten solution to the question of the origin of new species.

How Darwin Ruined My Sex Life

Anika Benkov uncovers a question that’s been left unanswered.

The Key Ideas of Western Philosophy

John Greenbank searches history for answers to persistent questions.

The Fourth Dialogue Between Hylas & Philonous

In 1713 George Berkeley wrote Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous on the nature of reality. Roger Jennings considers how it might have continued…

Atheist In A Foxhole

David Rönnegard asks how a committed atheist confronted with death might find consolation.

William James (1842-1910)

Alistair MacFarlane takes a pragmatic look at the life of an American genius.

How Should Society Be Organised?

The following answers to this vital question each win a semi-random book.



A Cynical Legacy • Morality Mechanics • Catastrophic Comet Comments • Post Dated • Particular Universal Problems • In Search of a Good ‘Good’ • Exchange of Thought Experiment • Erratum & Addendum


Emergency Reflections on Political Philosophy

Raymond Tallis exposes a disintegration of democracy.


A Metaphysics For Freedom by Helen Steward

We exercise free will this issue as Les Reid defends A Metaphysics For Freedom.

Rationality + Consciousness = Free Will by David Hodgson

Brian D. Earp finds that Rationality + Consciousness = Free Will doesn’t add up.

The Moral Countenance of Art

Emrys Westacott asks if we can really tell what it is that films and other art are either condemning or condoning.


Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

You Are Here

by Chris Madden

Bill Stott’s Cartoon

by Bill Stott


The Irelefunt

David Swan tells a story of cosmic significance.

A Philosophical Round

by Daryn Green

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