Issue 146

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Issue 146: October/November 2021


Reality Check

by Rick Lewis


News: October/November 2021

New translation of all Plato’s dialogues • Heideggerian hacker claims moral stance • Passing of a prominent French thinker — News reports by Anja Steinbauer


Get Real

Paul Doolan reveals that the real problem with ‘the real world’ is knowing what ‘real’ really means.

Against Direct Realism

Paul Griffiths argues that modern metaphysics is taking a wrong turn.

Coronavirus, Correlation & Causation

Martin Jenkins uses the virus to test our knowledge of causation.

Buddhist Metaphysics

Brian Morris describes four varieties of Buddhist metaphysics, and questions whether they can form one coherent system of thought.

Is Mathematics in the Fabric of the Universe?

Adrian Brockless unravels the threads.

So You Think There are Laws in Nature?

Eleni Angelou eavesdrops on a conversation between a Believer and a Sceptic.


The Philosophy of Japanese Gardens

Sailee Khurjekar says that size matters when it comes to horticulture.

Liberal Individualism & Cultural Decay

Raymond D. Boisvert considers how the first leads to the second.

Expanding the Original Position to Animals

Matthew Chalmers applies the political philosophy of John Rawls to creatures great and small.

Against Veganism

Chris Belshaw makes the case for rearing animals for their meat and produce.

Moral Philosophy & Being Good

Charlie White asks, what’s the purpose of moral philosophy? Can it take us to a good place?

Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

Hilarius Bogbinder discovers the surprisingly revolutionary views of one of the Catholic Church”s most revered philosophers.


Terry Pinkard

Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington DC, helps Amirali Maleki dispel some popular misconceptions about G.W.F. Hegel’s political thought.



Existential Epistles • Responsibility Reviewed • Modern Moral Positions • Dancing Around Lyotard • Protesting About Protesting • Art & Morality Don’t Mix • Fun With Values


A.J. Ayer (1910-1989)

by Terence Green

Philosophers on Marriage

by Matt Qvortrup

Mind Without Matter

Peter Adamson traces ancient arguments against materialism.

Cogitating in Cambridge

Seán Moran takes a punt on reality.

On Making and Keeping Appointments

Raymond Tallis introduces post-tensed time.


Time of the Magicians by Wolfram Eilenberger

This issue we travel back in time in Germany, as Leonid Bilmes uses words and symbols to consider the words and symbols of four famous ‘Weimar magicians’.

All Things are Nothing To Me by Jacob Blumenfeld

Douglas Groothuis thinks nothing of Max Stirner’s nihilism.

‘We’re All Just Rats in Mazes’

Jarid Goodman watches rats negotiate the maze of popular culture.


Mike Shiell’s Cartoon

by Mike Shiell

Phil Witte’s Cartoon

by Phil Witte

Steve Delmonte’s Cartoon

by Steve Delmonte

Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

Guto Dias’ Cartoon

by Guto Dias

Ron Coleman’s Cartoon

by Ron Coleman


The Parable of Aladdina

Michael Langford says you should be careful what you ask from a genie, or you might get lamped.

Categories & Their Discontents

by Steven E. Clayman

Pascal’s Carriage

by Peter Abbs

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