Issue 157

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Issue 157: August/September 2023


Reality, Time and All That

by Rick Lewis


News: August/September 2023

Harry Frankfurt, philosopher, has died • So has Milan Kundera, novelist and thinker • Violent attack on philosophy class — News reports by Anja Steinbauer

The Association of Philosophy Teachers Conference Report

Paul Moore-Bridger reports from an exciting new frontier for philosophy.


Can Animal Experimentation Be Justified?

Zaid Shehryar compares two opposing views.

Overwhelming Evil

Christopher Devlin Brown argues that our wholesale destruction of animals makes veganism humanity’s primary moral imperative.


Austin & ‘Reality’

Will Bynoe on milk, therapy, and the nature of being.

John Locke & Personal Identity

Nurana Rajabova considers why, according to John Locke, you continue to be you.

Solving the Mystery of Mathematics

Jared Warren says, think of a number. What exactly are you thinking of?

Kant on Time

Letizia Nonnis unfolds Kant’s conception of the nature of and experience of time.

Metaphysical Skepticism

Jacob Bell argues that we can’t determine the ultimate nature of reality.


The Best Criticism of Ethical Egoism

Stephen Leach gives you an unbiased reason why you shouldn’t be selfish.

Nostalgia, Morality, & Mass Entertainment

Adam Kaiser finds a fine case of mass existential longing.

Technology & Transformation

Helena Moradi looks at changing philosophical attitudes to technology.

Stoicism in History & Modern Life

Dermot M. Griffin reflects on the sources and relevance of this ancient wisdom.

Augustine (354-430)

Hilarius Bogbinder on the philosophical life of a key figure of the Catholic Church.

How Will Humanity End?

Each answer below receives a book. Apologies to the many entrants not included.



Thinking About Ethics • Writing on Wrongs • Vaguely Agreeing • Other Voices • The Horror, The Horror • Artificial Intelligentsia


Benedetto Croce (1866-1952)

by Terence Green

Philosophers on Love

by Matt Qvortrup

Reflections on Reality

Raymond Tallis holds a mirror up to the philosophical world.

The Three Disciplines of Epictetus

Massimo Pigliucci looks at the core principles for a Stoic life.


The Philosophy of Modern Song by Bob Dylan

Gary Browning considers the ideas and emotions expressed in Bob Dylan’s songs and writings.

Metamodernism: The Future of Theory by Jason Storm

John Best tries to move beyond postmodernism.

The Postmodern Condition by Jean-François Lyotard

Mike Sutton discusses Jean-François Lyotard’s classic report on The Postmodern Condition.

The Sopranos

Jarett Figlin discusses depravity & the American dream.


Ivor Healy’s Cartoon (1)

by Ivor Healy

Chris Gill’s Cartoon

by Chris Gill

Ivor Healy’s Cartoon (2)

by Ivor Healy

Guto Dias’ Cartoon

by Guto Dias

Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder


Being as Onion: A Heideggerian Parable

Mark C. Watney watches Martin Heidegger’s kitchen encounter.

Kant’s Critique

by Sivanth Adithya.N


by Oliver Leech

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