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Kant’s Critique

by Sivanth Adithya.N

In Kantian thought, the world is like a stage
Where objects and space, time, cause and effect engage
But what lies beyond the veil, what is truly real?
This is the question that Kant sought to reveal

He said that noumena – things-in-themselves – exist
And our senses and reason cannot them resist
For our mind imposes form on the raw data received
And thus the world we know is but a web we’ve weaved

So truth and reality are not the same
For what we know of the world, is but a fleeting flame
And the limits of reason, in this endless dance
Are marked by antinomies that give us no chance<

But this does not mean,that all is in vain
For morality, ethics, and reason remain
In the Categorical Imperative, a guiding light
That shines within us and leads to what is right

Thus Kant’s philosophy does teach us to inquire
Beyond the realm of senses, to the realm that’s higher
For the mind and the soul have a purpose divine
In the quest for the truth that is forever thine.

© Sivanth Adithya.N 2023

Sivanth Adithya.N is a philosophy graduate from Delhi University with a passion for philosophy and writing.

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