Issue 87

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Issue 87: November/December 2011


Against Stupidity

by Rick Lewis


News: November/December 2011

Why So Few Women Philosophers? • Procrastinationist wins Ig-Nobel Prize • Internet will eat your brain shock claim — News reports by Sue Roberts


Consciousness, Freewill and Language

Michael Langford talks about the language we use to talk about the mind and brain.

Ethics On The Brain

Vincent Di Norcia theorizes how morality is generated by how the brain works.

Philosophy of Mind: An Overview

Laura Weed takes us on a tour of the mind/brain controversy.

The Minds of Machines

Namit Arora considers the complexity of consciousness and its implications for artificial intelligence.


Come to our Party!

Philosophy Now’s 20th Anniversary Philosophy Festival

Gay Rights: A Question of Fairness

John Draeger considers pairing and parenting; discomfort and discrimination.

Greening the Gadfly

Paul Keeling on why we need environmental philosophy now.

Marshall McLuhan on the Mobile Phone

Peter Benson sees a prophet’s message come to fulfilment through net and cell.

What is Prudent Pragmatism?

William Bluhm & Robert Heineman show how to do ethics without foundations.

Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)

Alistair MacFarlane sketches Wittgenstein’s life with words.



Our forty-first phalanx of philosophical felicities flatly formed by Deiradiotes.


Alexander McCall Smith

Alexander McCall Smith is a former professor of medical law and now a popular novelist. Patricia Cleveland-Peck asks him about his interest in philosophy.

Michael Graziano

Michael Graziano is a Professor of Neuroscience at Princeton. Ernest Dempsey asks him about the mind and the brain.



Trolley Follies • Having Trouble With Rickman • Religion Between The Lines • Painting Pictures, Painting Selves • Shakespearian Emissions


Moral Pornography

by Joel Marks

Remembering Marshall McLuhan

Tim Madigan meditates on the man behind the message.

On Points

Raymond Tallis pinpoints the mathematics/reality divide.


Dilthey: Selected Writings

Rebecca Hansen reviews a book of selected translations from Wilhelm Dilthey.

On What Matters by Derek Parfit

James Alexander ponders Derek Parfit’s new work.

The Isabel Dalhousie novels of Alexander McCall Smith

Patricia Cleveland-Peck detects philosophy in the books of Alexander McCall Smith.

13 Conversations About One Thing

James Okapal has 13 open questions about happiness.


Christmas Party Philosophy

Tim Wilkinson sure knows how to have a good time.

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