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Tag: "Locke"

Hobbes, Locke, and Very Silly Hats

A comic by Corey Mohler about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024: Existential Comics]

John Locke & Personal Identity

Nurana Rajabova considers why, according to John Locke, you continue to be you.
[Issue 157: August/September 2023: Metaphysics]

Will the Real John Locke Please Step Forward?

Hilarius Bogbinder shows how Locke’s intellectual identity changed over time.
[Issue 156: June/July 2023: Articles]

‘The Lottery’ & Locke’s Politics

John P. Irish considers social contract theory through an infamous lottery.
[Issue 149: April/May 2022: Political Philosophy]

John Locke (1632-1704)

John P. Irish goes into full Locke-down with a titan of philosophy.
[Issue 138: June/July 2020: Brief Lives]

What is it Like to be a Dragonfly?

Benedict O’Connell explores puzzles of perception with Locke, Kant and Nagel.
[Issue 131: April/May 2019: Articles]

Locke’s Question to Berkeley

Alessandro Colarossi imagines a perceptive conversation about reality.
[Issue 131: April/May 2019: Articles]

The Sum of My Parts

Brett Wilson explores personal identity with John Locke and a dodgy 3D printer.
[Issue 130: February/March 2019: Mind & Self]

The Power of Motherhood

Regan Penaluna introduces Damaris Masham (1659-1708).
[Issue 79: June/July 2010: Articles]

A Question of Identity

Bob Harrison questions his identity.
[Issue 62: July/August 2007: Personal Identity & Time]


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