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Tag: "emotions"

The Healing of Philosophy

John Clark, MD, says our worship of the intellect has become pathological.
[Issue 161: April/May 2024: Articles]

Does Altruism Exist? by David Sloan Wilson

William Irwin asks if pure ethics exists at all.
[Issue 112: February/March 2016: Books]

Emotion and Imagination by Adam Morton

Don Berry probes the connection between Emotion and Imagination.
[Issue 108: June/July 2015: Books]

Philosophical Feelings

Mikhail Epstein feels that philosophy is not only thinking.
[Issue 101: March/April 2014: Articles]

Desire: 30 Years Later

by Joel Marks
[Issue 93: November/December 2012: Ethical Episodes]

How Can I Be Happy?

The following answers to this central human question each win a random book.
[Issue 88: January/February 2012: Question of the Month]

13 Conversations About One Thing

James Okapal has 13 open questions about happiness.
[Issue 87: November/December 2011: Films]

Absolute Vulnerability

by Joel Marks
[Issue 86: September/October 2011: Ethical Episodes]

A Philosophy of Fear by Lars Svendsen

Mark Frankel thinks fearfully.
[Issue 84: May/June 2011: Books]

World Without Anger

by Joel Marks
[Issue 84: May/June 2011: Ethical Episodes]

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