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Tag: "phenomenology"

What Did Mary Know?

Marina Gerner on a thought experiment about consciousness.
[Issue 99 :: November/December 2013 :: Articles]

Seeing & Believing

Raymond Tallis looks for the missing link between them.
[Issue 99 :: November/December 2013 :: Tallis in Wonderland]

Hume’s Image Problem

Marc Bobro scrutinizes how Hume thinks about thought.
[Issue 83 :: March/April 2011 :: David Hume]

What is Disjunctivism?

Adrian Haddock tells us about one of the most talked-about new approaches in philosophy today.
[Issue 81 :: October/November 2010 :: Articles]

Being Human

by Grant Bartley
[Issue 80 :: August/September 2010 :: Editorial]

The Problem With Zombies

Rebecca Hanrahan says that just because you can imagine zombies doesn’t mean they’re possible, or that they can tell us anything about consciousness.
[Issue 67 :: May/June 2008 :: Articles]

Being and Becoming

Christopher Macann explains the basis of his ‘genetic’ system of phenomenology.
[Issue 61 :: May/June 2007 :: Articles]

Phenomenology as a Mystical Discipline

Colin Wilson explores the more provocative side of existentialism.
[Issue 56 :: July/August 2006 :: Heresy]

Philosophical Prestidigitation

by Joel Marks
[Issue 53 :: November/December 2005 :: Moral Moments]

Bright Leaves

Thomas Wartenberg thinks about how real life keeps on breaking through as he watches Bright Leaves.
[Issue 52 :: August/September 2005 :: Films]

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