Issue 120

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Issue 120: June/July 2017


Russell Now!

by Tim Madigan


News: June/July 2017

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance author dies • French Prez was assistant to Paul Ricouer • Hawking recommends leaving Earth — News reports by Anja Steinbauer


The Passionate Bertrand Russell

Peter Stone reveals the deep and varied passions of the analytic philosopher.

Bertrand Russell on The Value of Philosophy for Life

John R. Lenz tells us why Russell thought philosophy worthwhile.

“To be happy, one must first not be unhappy”

Tim Delaney finds joy in Bertrand Russell’s The Conquest of Happiness.

The Philosopher & The Scientist

Tony Simpson tells us how the Russell-Einstein manifesto led to Pugwash.

Are People Rational?

John Ongley investigates what Bertrand Russell thought about human reason.

Bertrand Russell on Something

Landon D.C. Elkind explains why Russell believed logic can set thought free.


Is The Age Of Individualism Coming To An End?

Michael Foley says that perhaps we are all becoming more sociable.

Arresting Thoughts

Maeve Roughton asks if it’s becoming a crime to think the wrong thoughts.

Berkeley’s & Hume’s Philosophical Memoirs

David Berman looks for similarities and differences in the aims of the two thinkers.

Experimental Philosophy versus Natural Kind Essentialism

Mark Pinder puts Hilary Putnam’s essential philosophical theory to the test.

The Morality of Getting Divorced

Justin McBrayer considers when divorce is morally permissable, and when it isn’t.

Denis Diderot (1713-1784)

Martin Jenkins considers a black sheep of the French Enlightenment.


Raymond Tallis

Our columnist has just released a major book on the philosophy of time. Grant Bartley interviews him about Of Time and Lamentation.



Often Reasonable • Genetic Variation • Remembering Wonderland • Multiple Multiverse Problems • Social Rights • Imagining Kafkaland • Midgley’s Far Reach


Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)

by Terence Green

The Philosopher as Historian

Peter Adamson on Russell’s History of Western Philosophy.

Acceptable In Amsterdam

Seán Moran tiptoes tolerantly through the tulips.


I Find That Offensive by Claire Fox

Terri Murray isn’t offended by Claire Fox’s book about the politics of being offended.

The Philosophy of Creativity edited by Elliot Paul and Scott Barry Kaufman

Les Reid has a creative response to a book on the philosophy of creativity.


Leo Cookman performs an Unheimlich manoeuvre to review a disturbing android saga.


Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

Bill Stott’s Cartoon

by Bill Stott

Jon Carter’s Cartoon

by Jon Carter


Philosophy Incarnate

Sheldon Currie watches Socrates take on the modern academy.

On Reading Kant

by Brandon Robshaw

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