Issue 150

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Issue 150: June/July 2022


The World in Kant’s Head

by Rick Lewis


News: June/July 2022

Mendelssohn Dreams of Enlightenment • Poll Says Public Want Vegan Cars • Bertrand Russell Comes to Bloomsbury — News reports by Anja Steinbauer


Kant’s Political Philosophy

Matt Qvortrup explains how the Enlightenment’s leading philosopher went looking for a bit of peace.

In Search of an Ethical Roadmap

Samantha Neave explores how to be a good person, with the help of Immanuel Kant and the Tooth Fairy.

Kant’s Theory of Human Dignity

Matt McManus explains why people have absolute worth.

Did Kant Solve Skepticism?

Thomas Morrison asks just what Kant learned from his Critique of Pure Reason.

Transcending Kant

Joshua Mozersky argues that reality itself might be accessible to us.


The Enticing Light of Progress

Helena Moradi asks if the promise of pure progress is problematic.

Advertising is Immoral

Peter Gildenhuys says many adverts are saturated with sophistry.

Gender as Biological Fact vs Gender as Social Construction

Francisco Javier Camacho Jr asks, what difference does it make?

Zhuangzi, Language & Gender

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein asks what Daoist sages might have thought about PC.

Wittgenstein Plays Snooker

Peter Mullen reproduces part of Wittgenstein’s lost work, Bemerkungen Uber Die Grunds√§tzlichkeit Des Snooker.

Pylyp Orlyk (1672-1742)

Hilarius Bogbinder tells us about an innovative Ukrainian philosopher, democratic theorist and campaigner against tyranny.


Henk Manschot

Henk Manschot is Professor Emeritus at the University of Humanistics in the Netherlands. Amirali Maleki interviews him about Nietzsche’s approach to philosophy and life.



Life is a Political Act • More Wisdom of Lovers • Alfons Grieder • Still Questing • Paradoxically Yours – Or Not • Self-Censorship vs Insensitivity • Shooting Sartre Full of Holes • Buddhist Phenomenology • Freed Speech • Are Philosophers Stoned?


Simone Weil (1909-1943)

by Terence Green

Philosophers on Wine

by Matt Qvortrup

Kindly with Kant

Seán Moran imagines Immanuel as an inn-keeper.

An Unholy Trinity

Raymond Tallis reflects on the man in the mirror.


How to Think Like a Roman Emperor by Donald Robertson

Vincent Di Norcia thinks about Roman Emperors.

Why Does Inequality Matter? by T.M. Scanlon

Peter Stone gives good reasons why inequality is bad.

Organicity: Entropy or Evolution by David Dobereiner

Alan Shepherd scrutinises a new vision of society.

Good Will Hunting

Michael J. Ferreira takes apart a controversial claim about self-education.


Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

Chris Gill’s Cartoon

by Chris Gill

Guto Dias’ Cartoon

by Guto Dias

Mike Shiell’s Cartoon (1)

by Mike Shiell

Mike Shiell’s Cartoon (2)

by Mike Shiell

Wolfgang Niesielski’s Cartoon

by Wolfgang Niesielski


The Confession

Mike Mallory sits in on a future tribunal.

A Philosophical Lunch

by Sarah Rochelle

The Deep

by George Hopewell

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